Activist Clay Chastain Challenges 'Elite' Kansas City To Face-Off

The latest press release from one of our favorite activists features MANY worthwhile lines and insights that speak to the worsening disconnect betwixt voters & elected officials . . . 

Moreover . . . 

Apropos for #TBT we shouldn't forget that he's the only person to ever win a citywide vote on rail transit and some of his preservation efforts have defined Kansas City's landscape. Even more importantly, he's a friend of the blog. 

Here's what he has to say . . .

Activist Clay Chastain challenges KC's Players...Liberal Main Stream Media, Mayor Lucas, City Hall and our a Face to Face Q&A news conference (May 21-noon-at Union Station) to air out (before the public) the details, goals and feasibility of Clay's 2022 Petition - the grassroots Initiative to rebuild and revitalize Kansas City around a new Citywide "Green Alternative Transportation System."

But watch:

Even though the people are readily signing this epic petition (in support of placing before voters the most innovative and far-reaching infrastructure-improving project in our City's history and one that could inject $1 billion of federal infrastructure money into Kansas City's economy to help us build it) none of these disinterested "Players" will attend the news conference to ask questions and inform the public.

But rest assured many of these players (especially Mayor Lucas) will be in attendance when the establishment is trotting out info on... a needles $850 million Downtown Ballpark, a $160 million 6.6-acre Fake Freeway Park over 670, or the $90 million per mile extension of the establishment's antiquated, limited and slow-moving streetcar system that runs in traffic, appeals mostly to tourists and has an intrusive overhead wire system!

So here is your chance...Mayor Lucas, doubting City Council members, the biased media (KCUR, KCPT, the Star, the Pitch, Channel 5, etc.) to grill "attention-seeking", "he doesn't even live here", "his ideas are Pie in the Sky", Activist Clay Chastain.

But watch:
Even though Clay Chastain is out on the streets of Kansas City gathering signatures and informing the people of the 2022 Petition Initiative, the heroic "Players" of Kansas City will not show themselves in public and will continue bashing Clay Chastain (and mocking his "silly unworkable ideas") behind the scenes in the safety of their privileged seclusion.

Kansas City Activist, Clay Chastain 


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