65 Years Ago Today: Kansas City Remembers Ruskin Heights Tornado

Flashback for Friday . . .

The legacy of this horrific twister still resonates across the metro and our South side friends mark their lives by this event. 

Here's a worthwhile story . . .

"The tornado reached peak strength with possibly over 300 MPH winds as it crossed the Kansas/Missouri state line and then blasted through the Ruskin Heights and Hickman Mills neighborhoods."

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Survivor recalls Ruskin Heights tornado on 65-year anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It was 65-years-ago today on May 20, 1957, when the strongest tornado to ever strike the Kansas City area occurred. Forty-four people were killed by this powerful F-5, now called an EF-5 tornado, as it touched down near Ottawa, Kansas, and was on the ground for 71 miles.

Survivor describes flying into water tower on KC's deadliest tornado anniversary

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - May 20, 1957 the strongest and deadliest tornado in Kansas City history ripped through areas on the city's south side. The F5 Tornado's path covered 71 miles at times nearly a half mile-wide. Donna Davis was at the store with her parents when they rushed back to the neighborhood where her grandmother and little brother were.