Youtube Dash Camera Vlogging Fears Kansas City 'Hood' Life

Sorry . . . A few readers have requested that we share this clip with our blog community -- But honestly it's nothing groundbreaking and basically attempts to garner views by way of badmouthing po'folk just because where they live might not look like a posh suburb. 

For the most part, the clip is merely some puffy white guy from the burbs overreacting whilst pretending to be scared of driving "in the hood" for the sake of his viewers.

The only punchline . . . Is that most TKC readers have driven through every single street this guy is touring and he's being a big baby overly cautious . . . It's really not that bad. 

However . . . That's a pretty standard Youtube hack . . . Some housewives vlog for weeks about dropping an ice cream cone.

To be fair . . . We like the streetside tour and it's not completely incorrect . . . Some of the streets on the tour can be rough. And, generally, we appreciate the 'hood tour' genre because it simulates the old school practice of talking to a cabbie who actually knows local streets . . . Most of the comments suggest that this guy doesn't really have that kind of insight.

Here's the description . . .

You won’t believe how trashy and gangster this midwestern city is! Explore the real America! Saludos a KC 💯

Read more via link/embed to a video subtly titled:  

First Impression Of Kansas City: WOW This Town Is Trashy And Full Of Homeless People! Good Tacos Tho. . .

You decide . . .