Who REALLY P0wnz Kansas City Royals?!?

Here's a quick look at even more corporate propaganda creeping into America's (former) pastime as duplicitous local politicos get ready to sell a BILLION DOLLAR stadium to broke-ass taxpayers. 

Here's the pitch from a team that's still likely to lose 90 games this season . . . 

"MLB joins a wave of other sports leagues that have begun using athletes as a billboard for advertisers. NASCAR has long been known for the ubiquitousness of sponsor logos on driver firesuits, golfers have become walking advertisements for the products they hawk, and soccer kits in various leagues generally have a huge sponsor logo rather than the team logo front and center. But in recent years the NBA and NHL have added a sponsor logo to uniforms, and even NFL teams have added sponsor logos to practice uniforms."

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What sponsor should be on Royals uniforms?

Corporate sponsor logos are here, whether you like it or not. The new collective bargaining agreement gave owners approval to put advertising patches on uniforms, an initiative that could generate $250-300 million per year in revenues, according to one estimate. The MLB patch deals could see some big national players.