The Dotte Refuses To Answer Ransomware Attack Questions Amid Worsening Tech Trouble

The UG struggles to get back on its feet and even local media is hearing about the slow pace of recovery.

Here's a peek at the silence after a security breach . . .

County spokespeople refused to address the ransomware topic directly, saying only the effort to repair the trouble continues.

Concerns surrounding the attack came to light on the weekend of April 17. Last Tuesday, KCK Mayor Tyrone Garner said he’d become aware of the trouble on Easter weekend.

Garner and Brett Deichler, the county’s clerk, said they were confident county information technology staffers had this under control, and there was no need to panic.

The latest update from county leaders came on Tuesday afternoon. The list of areas affected by this digital concern has grown slightly from last week.

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Wyandotte County leaders won't confirm if data breach was ransomware attack

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - A mid-April attack on Wyandotte County's computer systems continues to cripple key services in the county - including the court system. FOX4 News has learned the breach may be a ransomware attack - similar to others where the victims ultimately pay the attackers to free up their locked down systems. Victims are often faced with either paying high sums of money or losing access to their records and computers.

Unified Government forced to postpone tax sale due to cyber attack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Unified Government of Wyandotte County, and Kansas City, Kansas, is starting to see possible financial ramifications associated with a cyberattack earlier this month. , the Unified Government reported its data centers were the target of the attack over Easter weekend.

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