Survey Seyz Single Women Priced Out Of Worsening Kansas City Housing Market

This interesting note was just sent our way and might explain why all the ladies on Twitter are so angry nowadays.

Apparently, finding a place to live is nearly impossible for ladies on the lower end of the pay spectrum, which doesn't include AOC and her $30K-per-ticket Met Gala good life.

Before our conservative friends get to reactionary about his data . . . Do that math or talk to sisters, daughters & any local lady who isn't pulling down big bucks and the deets seem to hold up. 

Here's what "the science" seyz . . .

Some key findings include:

- Single women are now priced out of the Kansas City, MO real estate market, having to spend 32% of the local female median income to buy a starter home, up from 29% in 2017

- Single men can still afford to buy independently here, spending 24% of the local median income to secure a starter home, ticking up from the 21% needed five years ago

- Women can afford to make solo purchases in 17 of the country’s 51 most populous cities, while men can afford to buy starter homes in 29 locations

- Women are priced out of 34 of the largest U.S. cities, 10 more than just five years ago

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Property Shark: The Gender Housing Gap Widens: Single Women Now Priced Out of 12 More Cities Than Men

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