Survey Seyz Kris Kobach Holds EPIC Lead In Kansas Attorney General Contest

Notice that even his progressive critics aren't wasting much time bashing this longtime political pro because, so far, he's one of the safest red state bets for a decisive win amid the upcoming red wave. 

Accordingly, here's a presser recently sent our way . . .

Kobach Polls at 52 Percent in Attorney General Race

Kris Kobach Leads Closest Competitor by 40 Points in Latest Statewide Survey

Wichita, Kansas -- Kris Kobach is the likely Republican nominee for Kansas Attorney General, according to a statewide survey released today. He receives more than 50 percent of the vote in a three-way Republican primary race for the state’s top law enforcement officer. Kobach leads his closest competitor by 40 percentage points.

“Based on these data, Kobach is clearly the favorite to take on the Democratic nominee this fall,” said WPA Intelligence chief research officer Trevor K. Smith, Ph.D., who conducted the survey.

Kobach polls at 52 percent, while his competitors combined for only 19 percent of the Republican electorate. Twenty-nine percent are undecided.

Support for Kobach has grown over ten percentage points since a poll late last year showed Kobach at a nearly 30-point lead over his closest competitor. Since that poll Kobach has been endorsed by conservative U.S Senator Ted Cruz and has won a case in federal court against the Biden administration.

“Every indication is that Kris Kobach will be the next Kansas Attorney General,” said campaign consultant, J.R. Claeys. “His lead is growing along with his fundraising and grassroots support. He is leading on the issues and winning in the courtroom.”

Among those who self-identify as Christian conservatives, Kobach dominates with 71% saying they intend to vote for him for Attorney General. Seventy percent of Trump Republicans surveyed chose Kobach over his competitors. Kobach’s opponents draw a majority of their support from progressives and moderates.

“This polling result reflects what I have been seeing all over the state,” Kobach said. “Kansans have had enough of the Biden administration. They want an attorney general who will sue the Biden administration and win in court.”

Kobach is the only candidate in the race who has sued both the Obama and Biden administration in federal court and won.

WPA Intelligence conducted the survey of 518 likely Republican voters between April 18 and 20. The poll has a 4.3 percentage point margin of error.

A graduate of Harvard, Oxford, and Yale, Kobach once worked for the U.S. Justice Department, and he was a constitutional law professor for 15 years. He is endorsed in the race for Kansas Attorney General by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

WPA Intelligence is a leading provider of survey research, predictive analytics, and application-based data technology. The company served as the data team behind the 2016 Cruz for President effort, and the analytics and polling team behind Glenn Youngkin’s 2021 Virginia Gubernatorial campaign. Trevor K. Smith, Ph.D. conducted the poll and serves as the company’s Chief Research Officer.

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