Survey Seyz Kansas City Dissatisfied By Trashy Streets And Constant Illegal Dumping

It's not really a newsflash that this town continues to confront problems with illegal dumping.

What's important is that residents are no longer willing to overlook the KANSAS CITY TRASHY CRISIS just to be agreeable.

Take a peek at this trashy town . . .

"The report by the City Auditor comes as resident satisfaction with the city's illegal dumping services has hit its lowest level since 2016."

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Kansas City takes more than 3 weeks to clear trash illegally dumped on streets and lots: audit

It takes Kansas City's Public Works Department an average of 24 days to resolve illegal dumping complaints, according to a newly released audit by the City Auditor. The audit, which focused on the length of time it takes the city to resolve illegal dumping service requests and community engagement efforts to address the problem, analyzed 2,700 illegal dumping service requests between February and August 2021 submitted through the 311 Action Center.

KCMO City Auditor recommends changes to city's response to illegal dumping cleanup

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas City, Missouri, City Auditor's Office completed an audit on illegal dumping after requests from citizens for improvements. The audit will be presented to the city council at 2 p.m. Thursday. In the audit, 2,700 illegal dumping service requests submitted through the 311 system submitted between February and August 2021 were analyzed.

Audit suggests changes to improve illegal dumping in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A city audit provides a better look at the issue of illegal dumping in Kansas City and changes that could be made to improve the problem. The Public Works department is responsible for investigating and cleaning up sites that are reported through the city's 311 Action Center, an illegal dumping hotline and other reports.

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