Streetcar Ground Breaking Will Save Kansas City From Rising Gas Prices & Inflation?!?!

Probably not.

However, local newsies know that it's not polite to ask tough questions during an otherwise happy occasions.

Consider . . . 

The pandemic has PERMANENTLY changed the office space, retail and consumer markets . . . But so many toy train advocates imagine a densely populated tourist attraction that will draw new residents and visitors to this corridor . . .

Meanwhile, most of the flashy new biz along the streetcar line was initially propped up by taxpayer funds . . . We haven't seen much organic growth . . . We've also seen a lot of empty storefronts & offices. 

Moreover . . . 

Rampant real estate speculation has actually chased away many hometown merchants.

Again . . . These are all inconvenient facts that ruin a good time.

It's much nicer to accept fake-a$$ ridership stats and the lack of any viable long-term biz model.

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Kansas City leaders break ground on KC Streetcar expansion

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, officials broke ground on the KC Streetcar expansion Wednesday, which is expected to be completed in 2025. The expansion, which will add 3.5 miles of streetcar rail on Main Street, will connect the University of Missouri - Kansas City campus to the River Market.

Kansas City finally starts above-ground work on KC Streetcar extension: 'It is a life changer'

Above-ground work on the KC Streetcar extension is finally underway. Now that underground utility work is nearly finished on Main Street, KC Streetcar workers broke ground Wednesday on construction of the system's new route from Union Station to UMKC.

Streetcar groundbreaking ceremony kickstarts expansion construction

In a ceremony today, the city broke ground on the streetcar extension project, which is expected to be complete by 2025. // Photo by Savannah Hawley The Kansas City Area Transportation Authority broke ground on the $351 million streetcar extension project today at an 11 a.m ceremony.

Developing . . .