STL Stays Losing Population And Denies Kansas City Comparison

A quick note from an STL architect is worth a glimpse at our I-70 sister city seems to envy all of our local land and desperately searches for excuses as residents flee.

Meanwhile . . .

Kansas City residents should consider that the STL exodus is a warning that there is NOTHING preventing local cowtown decline save our good judgement about the future.

Here are the basics in the debate over the comparison . . .

"The St. Louis land area is 70 square miles and is urbanized. Redevelopment is far more difficult in St. Louis City than the urbanization contributing to Kansas City’s growth."

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Letter: Comparing St. Louis and Kansas City is apples vs. oranges

Regarding Greg Michaud's guest column " Population loss and the future of St. Louis neighborhoods " (April 9): As an architect, I believe comparing St. Louis and Kansas City on the issue of population gain and loss is invalid because of the dramatically different land areas of the cities.