Show-Me Senator Hawley 'Protect Act' & Upcoming Kansas City Star 'Insurrection' Onslaught

First off . . . NOBODY wants or should have to defend the worst kind of creeper in order to debate the jr. Senator from Missouri.

His recent legislation and criticism of Prez Biden's Supreme Court nominee is an easy and uncontested victory because it starts with a nasty topic . . . Honestly, we notice that even Fox news seems to demure given the disgusting topic that all decent people decry. 

Take a look . . .

Sen. Hawley introduced the Protect Act of 2022, which would prevent judges from sentencing offenders below federal guidelines. Hawley’s office says the new legislation intends to toughen the sentences for child pornography offenders. The bill is co-sponsored by U.S. Sens. Mike Lee and Rick Scott.

“I think it’s time to curb the discretion of judges, like Judge Jackson, to say ‘No, listen, if you commit a child pornography offense, you need to go to jail,’” said Hawley in an interview earlier this week. “The best way to stop this danger to our children is to send the criminals to jail.”

Now . . .

More interestingly . . . 

The Kansas City Star has been teasing a series of articles attacking Senator Hawley and connecting with him with Prez Trump's alleged "insurrection" in a way that might be more fun than just a candid raised fist shot. 

It's unclear if the paper lambasting over a failed panty raid will have any impact or merit national conversation. 

In the meantime, we offer a quick review of all things Sen. Hawley this week . . .

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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., told members of the largest conservative caucus in the House that Supreme Court nomination hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson revealed Democrats' passivity on crime, particularly concerning child pornography, and charged their allies in Big Tech are helping promote the exploitation of kids.

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