Show-Me Republican Critical Race Theory Crackdown Moving Forward

Conservatives across Missouri are celebrating legislation that brings more state control into classrooms.

Here's a peek at progress in pushing back an education trend amid a torrent of nationwide media debate AND the politics of public education . . .

The legislation would ban schools from compelling students or teaching from saying “that individuals, by virtue of their race, ethnicity, color, or national origin, bear collective guilt and are inherently responsible for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race, ethnicity, color, or national origin.”

The measure also bans schools from compelling students and teachers to affirm that “individuals of any race, ethnicity, color, or national origin are inherently superior or inferior.”

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Missouri House passes bill on race, parents' roles in school

A Missouri bill passed by the state House on Tuesday would put restrictions on how race is talked about in public K-12 schools. The GOP-led House on Tuesday voted 85-59 in favor of the bill, with some Republicans opposing the measure.