Show-Me Greitens Divorce Delving Into Accusations Of Political Conspiracy

An ugly divorce might kill any politico's hopes and dreams and it certainly hasn't helped Eric Greitens.

To make matters worse . . . The politico's defense hinges on blaming George Soros or the boogeyman for all of the problems that he mostly created for himself.

Take a peek . . .

"Sheena Greitens, in a March 21 affidavit filed in the couple’s ongoing child custody case, accused her former husband of striking her and taking her phone and car keys in April 2018 and striking one of their children in 2019, causing a tooth to become infected and later removed surgically.

"The allegations came as Eric Greitens was leading the polls for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. In response, Eric Greitens has accused his ex-wife of colluding with his foes to release the affidavit to damage his campaign, calling the allegations lies.

"The phone records have nothing to do with the underlying issue, Helen Wade, attorney for Sheena Greitens, told Schneider.

“The conspiracy theory that Mr. Greitens has concocted is just that – it’s not real,” Wade said."

More insight into the argument . . .

"During Tuesday’s hearing, Wade told Schneider that Sheena Greitens speaks frequently to her sister and to former Greitens campaign manager Austin Chambers, who she said is a close friend and who shares an apartment with her sister in Washington, D.C.

"The only legitimate reason to see the phone records, Wade said, would be if Sheena Greitens denied something and Eric Greitens' Attorney Gary Stamper wanted to prove she was lying. She has not denied speaking to Linkul and Chambers, Wade noted.

"“This is a fishing expedition with a specific collateral purpose,” Wade said. “It is overboard and it is for the purpose of harassment. It is for intimidation.”

"Stamper said he would accept appointment of a special master to review the 57 days of phone records being sought to determine if they contain evidence that support. The special master would look for specific numbers to determine if communication occurred, he said.

"“If it’s not there,” Stamper said, “then my saddest suspicion is not true.”"

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Attorney calls Eric Greitens subpoenas 'a fishing expedition' during Boone County hearing * Missouri Independent

A Boone County judge will rule soon, perhaps by this week, whether former Gov. Eric Greitens will get access to his ex-wife Sheena Greitens' telephone records as he attempts to prove his political enemies are behind explosive allegations of spousal and child abuse .