This is one of the best grassroots developments in Kansas City and it's always in danger of destruction.

Thankfully, locals are starting to realize that this might one of the best examples of "community outreach" and grassroots neighborhood preservation that this town has ever witnessed in the modern era.

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"Over time, Harrison Street has become the heart and soul of KC’s skate scene. Billion dollar juggernauts like Nike and Mountain Dew have filmed promos at Harrison Street, with KC pro skater Sean Malto being one of its most vocal advocates.

"Professional skate companies and the rosters of pro-skaters have started holding their demos at the DIY as well, bringing national coverage to the park. In the world of skating, Harrison Street is Kansas City’s premier spot for novice and professional skaters alike.

"But to survive into the future, Harrison Street must transcend the world of skating and become a bonafide Kansas City landmark. Initially, the park gained some local attention, being featured in local news shows, podcasts, and radio broadcasts. And over the last few years, images of the DIY were featured in The New York Times as well as the first episode of Season 3 of Queer Eye on Netflix.

"Harrison Street is still quite unknown to those who don’t skate nor live in the Columbus Park area. “I think that if we project this idea that we are a professional park, that we can change and evolve with the community, then we’ll have a better chance,” explains Elyse Zwikelmaier, Harrison Street skater and founder of KC skater inclusivity group, Board Meeting."

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Iconic Harrison Street DIY skatepark prepares for an uncertain future

Sunday Morning at the Harrison Street DIY Skatepark // Photo by Pierson Kubel Where Harrison bends into East 4th in the heart of Columbus Park, there used to be rows of public housing lining the curved street and its off-shoot cul-de-sac. Yet by 1997, the properties had fallen into a state of utter disrepair.