Resolved: Deadly Middle School Stabbing Proves KCPS 'Full Accreditation' Is Meaningless

A week ago a youngster lost his life during a brutal school fight that garnered protest but no serious efforts to change policy or address dangerous circumstances inside Kansas City Public Schools despite outrage from parents, friends, family and community. 

Accordingly, we offer only a brief fact check for anyone who might not believe so much irrational exuberance regarding the bright future of the "fully accredited" KCPS

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Notice that the aftermath of the stabbing provided very little reassurance in terms of policy changes to prevent another tragedy and most of the statements from officials merely worked to thwart criticism. 

Questions from parents still haven't been answered and very little information has been shared with local media. 

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It shouldn't be controversial to suggest that a deadly middle school stabbing is a very obvious sign that KCPS remains out of control. 

Accordingly, we direct readers to BRILLIANT reporting on the crisis and the soul-crushing empty pleasantries shared by the Superintendent . . . Check-it . . . 

The school was placed on lockdown, and the area immediately surrounding the school was shut down by KCPD traffic crews. Students were dismissed early and reunited with their families following the incident.

Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell informed Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS) families Tuesday evening of the student’s death. He noted that staff worked quickly following the incident to ensure the safety and security of all students.

KCPS has counselors and clinicians in schools every day working with students on numerous support systems, positive behavior interventions and conflict resolution when needed.

“We continue to provide additional training, resources and support for our security officers, all through a trauma-informed lens,” Bedell wrote. “Today, that training helped our NEMS security officers work alongside our school staff to provide life-saving first-aid until paramedics could arrive.”

When the Northeast News spoke with Superintendent Dr. Mark Bedell on Friday, he struggled to find the words for how he felt as both an administrator and a parent.

“I’m just taking everything one hour at a time, just processing, trying to understand all of this right now,” Bedell said. “I mean, that’s really it. I’m not the kind of superintendent – I’m not trying to be a superhero, and I’m not going to tell people I’m doing well when I’m not doing well. That’s just the flat honest truth.”

Bedell wants to assure guardians and students that the district will continue to always operate with safety first and foremost.

“I think our building administrators across this school district, faculty and staff, our teams, are in full position to do the job that they have been hired to do,” Bedell said. “I think the district will continue to operate with safety first and that’s always been our position.”

Bedell called the incident very unfortunate and devastating, and said the district is working with the Kansas City Police Department and KCPS security on the investigation.

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Community mourns Northeast Middle stabbing victim

By Abby Hoover Manuel Guzman, 14, was described as helpful and upbeat, a welcoming presence with an infectious smile. Guzman died Tuesday from injuries sustained when he was stabbed by another student in a bathroom at Northeast Middle School. Tuesday morning just after 9 a.m., officers were called to Northeast Middle School in regard to a cutting call.