Progressives Decry Wyandotte County 'Municipal ID' Shut Down By Kansas GOP

A sketchy bit of legislation courtesy of activists in The Dotte didn't last long but it's legacy has some pundits losing hope in Democracy. 

This screed is mostly useless because it's just prog bloggers preaching to the choir . . . However, we found a passage that speaks the the crux of the debate in order to better inform those of us following the argument. 

Check the missive from pay-for-play hacks . . . 

"Emergency action on legislation should be reserved for actual emergencies, not political stunts. This process has become so rushed that an amendment to this bill was so sloppily written that it’s become legislation that could disenfranchise many Kansas citizens who rely on local government IDs to vote, such as veterans who use the Sedgwick County Veterans Discount Card, or those in assisted care facilities who don’t drive or receive government assistance, such as the elderly or people with disabilities.

"Many local governments work with their residents to go above and beyond in helping ensure that Kansans can vote. Locally issued identification cards are an important part of that assistance. This does not make for safer elections either, considering that many forms of government-issued photo IDs do not guarantee proof of citizenship.

"In fact, a law requiring proof of citizenship to vote in Kansas just cost the taxpayers millions of dollars in a resulting lawsuit over this unconstitutional legislation. "

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In Kansas, some elected officials seem to be democracy's own worst enemy - Kansas Reflector

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