Prairie Village Homes Unknowingly Submit To Climate Change Surveillance?!?

It seems the local guv might be allowing more than a bit of homeowner data to go public in the name of saving the planet.

Here's a concern and journalistic fact check . . .

Anyone — resident, business owner, or reporter — can enter a city address on the Carbon Emissions Tracking interactive website, get a report on carbon dioxide production, and sign up for recommendations to reduce carbon footprints.

A Prairie Village homeowner does not share others’ enthusiasm about the partnership between her city and Dynamhex. She sees an ulterior motive in the effort:

”I’m concerned it’s devaluing the homes to make way for more teardowns. Really, why did our city hire this company? I fear it’s more of a push to influence tear-downs. New homes, maybe better for energy use?”

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Tracking resident, business carbon footprint raises privacy issue - The Sentinel

Prairie Village residents and businesses can monitor their own and their neighbor's alleged carbon footprint on the city website, and at least one resident is concerned about privacy issues. In the Fall of 2020, Prairie Village entered into an agreement with Kansas City-based Dynamhex for a software program to analyze and report emissions data.