Payday Loan Kingpin Scott Tucker Hallbrook Home Hits Auction Block

Here's a quick update on a fallen local mogul who couldn't outrun his legal trouble . . . Not even in his sporty racing cars.

Today's sad news for new money . . .

The Leawood home of convicted payday loan mogul Scott Tucker was being auctioned off Thursday, April 21, 2022, during an online auction conducted by the U.S. Treasury Department. Opening bid for the Hallbrook home was set at $420,000.

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Convicted payday loan tycoon Scott Tucker's Leawood mansion going up for auction

Federal authorities are conducting an auction this Thursday, April 21, of the Leawood home of convicted payday lending tycoon Scott Tucker. Why it matters: It's the latest attempt by the feds to recoup a fraction of the ill-gotten gains Tucker amassed running various online payday lending businesses.