Overland Park Debates Deer Creek Golf Club Destiny Amid Affordable Housing Fight

Johnson County has always been finicky regarding their neighbors . . . Now a golf course SMACK DOWN has a nearby community confronting the reality of a rapidly evolving American housing market.

Check this worthwhile summary of their foibles so far . . .

Some neighbors living alongside Deer Creek Golf Club fought the original plans over the past year for those 225 apartments to be built in mostly parking lot areas alongside the golf course's first hole and clubhouse. The plan was approved by a planning commission and then rejected by the full city council.

"A lot of people are up in arms they didn't realize the effect of not having the apartments was going to have on the community and our house, the value especially," Larry Boyd said.

Residents thought Great Life would then sell the course which has dealt with flooding issues, but learned that doesn't appear to be the plan. Boyd said he first learned the real plan from a maintenance worker closing up the course April 2.

"He said the first thing that's going to happen is we are going to tear down the clubhouse, strip the sod and put it on other courses. I flipped out," Boyd said.

So neighbors organized a grassroots effort to save the course . . .

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Plans submitted to turn Overland Park golf course into homes, neighbors rally to save it

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - Owners of an Overland Park golf course that closed April 1 submitted plans Tuesday to replace the course with 70 more homes. More than 100 homeowners living along Deer Creek Golf Club banded together Wednesday trying to save their golf course.