Overland Park Corporate ER Exposed

Reality check . . .

The American healthcare system is crumbling. Some blame COVID and others target corporate greed as we slowly, reluctantly work our way toward "single-payer" socialized medicine like the rest of the Western world. 

Whatever the case . . . It's ALWAYS A GREAT TIME NOT TO BE SICK given that very few people who aren't on corporate healthcare payrolls have argued to preserve our current system.

Here's one example why from a recent NBC report . . .

"As a former military doctor who saw combat in Iraq, Ray Brovont knew how to solve problems quickly. He took that approach to leading the emergency department at Overland Park.

“The goal was to identify an issue before there was a bad outcome,” he said.  

"One bad outcome Brovont hoped to avoid was related to “code blues,” urgent calls to help Overland Park patients whose hearts had stopped beating or who were no longer breathing. After the HCA-owned hospital doubled its capacity to 343 beds and added a separate pediatric emergency room in 2014, the facility’s code blue policy became unsafe for patients, Brovont and his 18 fellow ER doctors concluded. It required an emergency department doctor to attend to code blues elsewhere in the hospital, which meant leaving the emergency room without a physician.

“My physicians were being asked to be in three places at once,” Brovont said."

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Some doctors say a focus on profits is hurting health care in U.S. ERs

Patients seeking emergency treatment at the busy Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas near Kansas City, Missouri, didn't know their safety was potentially at risk. But the medical director of the emergency department saw the danger in 2012 and for years urged his bosses to address it by adding staff members.