Olathe Life Lesson: EPIC Cuts & No Cash For 'Expensive & Unsustainable' Virtual Learning

Economic bad news for the burbs might be bad news for students who want to work "remotely" like their middle-class parents.

Read this passage closely and check the very real effort to return to the classroom . . . And remember all of this could reverse quickly if we're hit with another COVID lockdown . . .

Deputy Superintendent John Hutchison outlined the situation and where the cuts will have to be made. 

He said the district is making a 25% cut across the board from department and school budgets. The number is 50% at academies.

Forty Kindergarten aide positions and 15 library secondary aide positions will be eliminated.

Among other cuts, Olathe Virtual School- which Hutchison described as expensive and unsustainable- closes.

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Olathe Public Schools cuts dozens of positions amid $28 million budget shortfall

OLATHE, Kan. - Olathe Public Schools said it's facing a more than $28 million budget shortfall heading into this school year. To make up for it, the district announced it will make cuts across the board, eliminate certain positions, and close the virtual school during an information session Tuesday night at Olathe South High School.