Nobody Wants To Admit BLM Riots Killed Kansas City Country Club Plaza

Two weeks of racially charged rioting destroyed Kansas City's most iconic entertainment district. 

We can argue about if it was an 'uprising' or maybe a legit expression of outrage or bad political theater.

What is unacceptable is blaming the rise of online shopping or COVID for the demise of the Plaza without even mentioning a historic deluge of violence that took place on the streets of this locale.

Consider . . . 

Despite COVID &, there are other "brick & mortar" locations that are thriving across the metro despite enduring challenges confronting real world retail. If anything, the Plaza was better suited than any other location to sustain biz during harsh times. 

Sadly . . . Violent protesters targeting the Plaza purposefully chased biz away and burned cars to terrify patrons away from the location and guarantee that they will never return.  

We've repeated this idea since 2020 but only because this reality of local life is EXCLUDED from the conversation whenever local mainstream media discuss the fate of the embattled district.

Here's one more example . . .

"For years, Nordstrom has planned to leave Oak Park Mall and move to a 122,000-square-foot space on the Plaza. But lately, reports have circled that the national retailer is reconsidering."

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Nordstrom's move to Country Club Plaza was a big deal. What happens if it falls through?

Country Club Plaza, Kansas City's historic shopping district, has seen nearly a dozen business closures over the past year . And recent speculation that national retailer Nordstrom is now reconsidering its proposed move to a 122,000-square-foot location on the Plaza's west side has businesses in the area concerned about who might replace it and when.