Quick note on cash from the courthouse that must might keep a few locals in their home.

There's no use turning your nose up at "free" cash given that its worth less day after day . . .

Community Services League (CSL) is administering the county’s emergency rental assistance program (ERAP). This year, it opened a new office at 103 North Main Street in Independence. The agency also hired 10 case managers, several of whom now work out of offices on the second flood of the building on Independence Square. Applicants for the assistance program can fill out a form online or visit the new office, or any other CSL location, during business hours with or without an appointment.“I don’t think it can be overstated how important these funds are for families who are struggling,” explained Lynn Rose, CSL’s chief program officer, who is overseeing ERAP operations.Community Services League has $25 million to award this year.

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New office for Emergency Rental Assistance Program in Jackson County

Renters living in Jackson County, Missouri, but outside the limits of Kansas City, who need assistance to pay their landlord and utilities because of COVID-19-related hardships can now apply for help at a new location at 103 North Main Street in Independence.