Megan Marshall Campaign Proclaims Grassroots Advantage Over Incumbent Tony Miller

Just as some of our smarter blog community denizens predicted, the competition for 3rd District At-Large Legislator is heating up.

For incumbent Tony Miller, we're having a tough time finding any significant voting bloc that he can rely upon . . . Meanwhile, here's a peek some enthusiasm supporting his opponent . . .

To be fair, this is is obviously from the perspective of Megan Marshall's supporters . . . However, again, it's difficult tracking down any excitement for Tony Miller given his curious support for Exec Frank White AND failure to stand up against rising property taxes . . . 

January’s campaign finance report shows Marshall’s campaign is financed nearly 100% by grassroots donors, with donations between $20 and $100. But Marshall’s military background in logistics and operations seems to be paying major dividends for her campaign’s early ground game.

Marshall’s opponent, Tony Miller, is expected to outspend Marshall 15 to 1 during the primary season. In past elections, when Miller ran unopposed in 2014 and against a relative unknown in 2018 (and nearly lost), his campaign was financed by real estate developers and lawyers with deep pockets — to the tune of almost $300,000.00.

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Megan Marshall off To Blazing Start

The past three weeks have seen the launch of Megan Marshall's official campaign website and a blitz of campaign mailers and door-to-door activity by the Marshall campaign. According to Marshall's Facebook campaign page, she has knocked over 5,000 doors! This is an impressive start for any candidate, but especially for Marshall considering her fundraising disadvantage.