Mary Sanchez Reports Distrust Amid New KCPD Top Cop Search

First off . . . The distrust starts with TKC given that Kansas City MSM has been overwhelmingly biased and outright anti-police in their reporting. 

On this blog we're skeptical of EVERYTHING but that also applies to the agenda of so many local newsies attempting to build their "street cred" by taking on the role of keyboard activist instead of reporting, sharing analysis or practicing anything resembling journalism. 

And this overall dearth of ethics brings us to the work of Mary Sanchez and her recent coverage. 

Recent Kansas City community "listening" sessions regarding the selection of the new chief of police are nothing more than an exercise in futility and a sounding board geared toward locals competing to complain louder than one another.

In other words . . . Given that the final decision on the top cop belongs solely to the police board . . . These meetings aren't just a bad joke, they're a horrific waste of time which caters to the ego of people who claim to be leaders without much evidence of any constituency.

Of course . . . 

Partially taxpayer funded PBS provides anti-police crackpots with a great deal of attention as old school "minority affairs" reporter Mary Sanchez lends her prose to yet another racially charged crusade.

Here's the main takeaway from per piece  . . .

"Broken trust is often at the core of what the department’s critics find lacking.

"Structural change is needed in the department . . . Especially to drive out racism within the department. Racism is seen as the epitome of disrespect by many who have come to the listening sessions.

"Participants have also called for transparency about police disciplinary measures, more interaction with community groups and town halls.

"Others deemed the process a “dog and pony show,” saying that the new chief will be chosen not from characteristics that the community finds worthy, but as someone the police and the board deem a good leader."

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