Mark Alford Shares 'Deep Support' & Campaign Fundraising Update

This local campaign season fundraising humble-brag deserves a peek because the numbers are impressive inasmuch as this is the very first campaign waged by the former Kansas City newsman. 

Here's a quick peek at his war chest and a word from Mr. Alford . . . 

Missouri conservative for U.S. House Mark Alford Raises $208,000 in Q1

Announces more than $340,000 Cash on Hand

RAYMORE, Missouri – Mark Alford, conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Missouri’s 4th congressional district, announced his campaign raised over $208,000 in Q1 from nearly 846 donors. With more than $340,000 cash on hand, Alford has proven his fundraising abilities and deep support across rural Missouri, earning his position as a top contender in the crowded primary race.

 “The people of rural Missouri are eager for bold, decisive, conservative leadership in Washington. They crave a leader who will share their stories and fight their battles with resolve and conviction. I have spent my life telling the stories of Missourians to shine a light on their struggles and successes. I pray for the chance to earn their support and their votes, so that I can take their stories to Washington, and fight for better outcomes for them and their families,” said Alford. “I am so grateful for the many Missourians who have contributed both financially and with their time to help this campaign. Every cent is being put to good use, to spread our message of optimism and resolve across rural Missouri. I pledge to be the loudest, strongest, most consistent voice for rural Missourians that the House has ever seen. Thanks to all who make this campaign possible and who are helping it grow. Together we will bring a better, brighter, and blessed future to our state!”


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