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A skeptical hot take . . . Genius rock chalk right wing strategists are confronted with the prospect of fighting a politico with momentum and after they couldn't change the rules. 

In other words, if this decision stands (and it might) opponents of Rep. Sharice now seem like sore losers and we're certain that mean tweets and a bunch of angry dudes aren't going to convince the many JoCo white ladies who helped to put this politico in power. 

If anything . . . All this fight has done is mobilize more Democratic Party activists in order to further galvanize their voting district. 

Hint and, dare we claim, a truism . . . 

Neither conservative nor progressive American voters REALLY respect elections won in courtrooms rather than at the ballot box.


Here's the latest on the court fight . . .

The 29th Judicial District Court said that Republicans in the State Legislature had created “intentional and effective” partisan and racial gerrymanders when they divided the state’s major Democratic strongholds among Republican-leaning House districts.

Most notably, the Republican plan divided Kansas City along both racial and partisan lines to endanger the only one of the state’s four House seats held by a Democrat.

District Judge Bill Klapper barred the Legislature from holding elections under the plan and ordered the lawmakers to draw new maps that followed his ruling “as expeditiously as possible.”

“Most Kansans would be appalled to know how the contest” for House seats “has been artificially engineered to give one segment of the political apparatus an unfair and unearned advantage,” he wrote in a stinging 235-page ruling.

The ruling goes directly to the State Supreme Court for review. Four of that court’s seven justices have been appointed by Democratic governors, suggesting a reasonable prospect that it will be upheld.

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State Court Rejects Kansas Congressional Map as a Gerrymander

WASHINGTON - A state court in Kansas on Monday threw out a newly drawn map of congressional districts as an unconstitutional gerrymander, the latest in a series of similar rulings across the country. The 29th Judicial District Court said that Republicans in the State Legislature had created "intentional and effective" partisan and racial gerrymanders when they divided the state's major Democratic strongholds among Republican-leaning House districts.

STATEHOUSE: Congressional redistricting map struck down by Wyandotte County judge; appeal to Kansas Supreme Court almost guaranteed

As state lawmakers begin the veto session Monday, they received word the Congressional redistricting maps approved during the regular session ran afoul of a state judge. Wyandotte County Judge Bill Klapper called the map unconstitutional Monday. The American Civil Liberties Union had challenged the maps as drawn out by Republicans on the grounds it was "racially gerrymandered."

Congressional map drawn by Kansas Republicans is unconstitutional, Wyandotte County judge rules - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Wyandotte County District Judge Bill Klapper ruled Monday that Kansas Republicans violated the state constitution by targeting residents on the basis of politics and race when drawing new congressional districts. Klapper's order, which is certain to be appealed to the Kansas Supreme Court, blocks the state from preparing for the congressional election until a new map is drawn.

Wyandotte County judge tosses Ad Astra 2 congressional maps

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Wyandotte County District Court judge ruled Monday that the Ad Astra 2 congressional maps are unconstitutional, tossing out the Kansas legislature's attempt to split Wyandotte County and move Lawrence into a different congressional district. Democracy Docket posted a copy of the ruling Monday morning.

Kansas redistricting fight heads to Supreme Court

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - Hours after a judge in Wyandotte County ruled that new, legislatively drawn congressional maps violate the rights of Kansans, the state's Attorney General took his own action. Three lawsuits have been filed challenging the congressional map passed by the Kansas Legislature in February.

Attorney General Derek Schmidt appeals court decision tossing Kansas congressional map

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is appealing the court decision announced Monday that orders the state legislature to make another attempt at redrawing the congressional district boundaries. The Wyandotte County District Court decision ruled the maps, which would have split Wyandotte County, unconsitutional on the basis of partisan gerrymandering and dilution of minority voters.

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