Kansas Guv Kelly Vetoes GOP In Progressive Last Stand

For voters who closely follow the Kansas state house . . . We offer a quick look at the Kansas Democratic Party leader drawing a line in the sand and standing with her progressive supporters.

An overview . . .

"The Democratic governor didn’t surprise anyone Friday by vetoing the four controversial bills. There was no shock GOP leadership in the Legislature pledged to seek overrides upon returning to Topeka on April 25. Override of a governor’s veto requires support from two-thirds majorities in the House and Senate."

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Kelly vetoes transgender sports ban, parental bill of rights touted by Republicans - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed hot-button bills sought by Republicans to ban transgender females from sports, adopt an educational bill of rights for parents, raise the barrier to eligibility for food stamps and broaden COVID-19 lawsuit immunity for health providers. The Democratic governor didn't surprise anyone Friday by vetoing the four controversial bills.

Kansas governor vetoes bill requiring school districts to create 'Parents' Bill of Rights'

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly vetoed a bill passed by the Senate that would've created a "Parents' Bill of Rights," in schools within the state. Members of the Kansas Senate passed the bill on April 1. Senate would've required board of education's in the state of Kansas to develop and adopt policies that guaranteed parents' rights.

Kansas Gov. Kelly vetoes bill banning transgender athletes from female-only sports

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly on Friday vetoed conservative Republicans' proposed ban on transgender athletes in girls' and women's sports and a GOP proposal aimed at making it easier for parents to try to remove materials from public school classrooms and libraries.Kelly also vetoed a measure that would tighten the state's rules for obtaining food assistance for non-disabled adults without children and another extending protections from lawsuits that health care providers received during the coronavirus pandemic.

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