Racially charged political rhetoric persists among a cadre of activists who seem more successful at generating low rent new stories than impacting policy. 

Reality Check: These "listening sessions" with naive hopes to weigh in on the new top cop are RIGGED and only serve as a platform for activists seeking to launch mostly futile political complaints. 

The whole thing is basically an argument for "local control" of police . . . Which would REALLY mean "council" control that would doom this cowtown to a fate worse than Detroit or STL.  

Here's a more optimistic view . . .

Organizations outspoken against now-former Chief Rick Smith don't know what will change with a new chief.

"I've talked to one potential candidate," said Doug Shafer, of More2, "who basically thinks 'Look, nobody who believes in local control will have a shot at the police chief job.' I sure hope that's not true."

"I wish the new chief the best," Shafer said.

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More listening sessions added as Kansas City searches for its next police chief

The Kansas City Chamber of Commerce has added to more listening sessions as the city searches for its next permanent police chief.Pastor Darron Edwards has helped facilitate each of the six listening sessions. More than 500 people have spoken at those sessions in different areas across the metro.

Community weighs in on search for new KCPD chief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The interim chief of the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department, Joseph Mabin, was sworn in Friday following the retirement of former chief Rick Smith . Now the search for a new, permanent chief is underway, even as the city navigates another violent year.