Kansas City Tech Scene Reinvents Robocall

Credit to the so-called "silicon prairie" and their local proponents.

I think they just reinvented the "robo-call" that was perfected back in the late 80s and provides an easy & effective way to lure suckers and relieve guilt about hanging up . . .

“One day I had a revelation that there could be a tool for these mundane tasks. What if every high-level salesperson could have their own, personalized sales robot? How much more could we accomplish with all the time given back?” proposed Smith, who co-founded Saile alongside Clive Cadogan in July 2018 and now serves as the company’s CEO.

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Startup embraces 'digital labor', creating personalized robots for tedious tasks - beginning with cold calls

"We started with one robot working for us, and it delivered us our first client, and our next robot was the robot working for them," recalled Nick Smith, founder of Saile. "Looking back today, it's like this family tree of sales robots that have generated all these revenue opportunities."