Kansas City Tax Increase Vote Questioned: Do You Get Your Money's Worth?!?

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Tax Questions From TKC Reader . . .

April 5th KCMO residents have a tax issue and bond issue on the ballot.

Sewer and water are higher than our other utilities combined, and continue to increase every year, yet the infrastructure improvements promised never occurred.  Where did the money from 2012 go?

And just a few months ago, our city government was praising our federal government for providing a hue infrastructure funding package to KC that was going to upgrade our sewer and water system.  Where did that money go?

For the sales tax that has no end and was supposed to provide a dedicated road repair fund, we’re still dodging potholes and paying for vehicle repairs caused by poor road conditions.  Where did that money go?

I urge all voters to ask themselves if the 2012 tax and bond issues passed by voters was used appropriately and improved our city as promised before going to the polls on Tuesday.

Whether your vote is to approve the tax and bond issues or vote against them, please get out and vote.  Voter apathy is rampant on non national election dates, and local governments use that to their advantage to push through more tax and spend initiatives.


You decide . . .