Kansas City Stopped Caring About Afghans?!?

Progressives in this cowtown can be fickle and this morning public radio shares a tragic missive revealing that last year's favorite refugees have been replaced by more newsworthy recent arrivals coming from a war zone and serving as the world's greatest distraction away from a historically unpopular Prez.

Here's a peek at the plight of charity impacted by political talking points . . .

For some Afghans in the U.S. and the agencies that work with them, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February complicated the situation, coming on the heels of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Humanitarian catastrophes like the invasion get a lot of media attention, Khan said, and can stoke excitement among supporters and volunteers, which helps propel their work on behalf of a new set of refugees.

“Unfortunately, the Afghans did not get that share of excitement, because they are still needing a lot of support,” she said. “They're still stuck in hotels, their (families) back home are still not united with them and (are) struggling.”

Dr. Sofia Khan, founder of KC for Refugees, told KCUR’s Real Humans podcast this month that she has received messages from people looking to host Ukrainians only, a request she’s never gotten for any other group of refugees.

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