Kansas City Star Supports LGBT Tweet Sanction Against Blue Valley Education Commish

As the local newspaper circles the toilet bowl of history, it seems that they're more than willing to target a small time politico in order to push their partisan agenda.

Here's a a passage from an editorial they're hype this morning . . .

In the safe space of wherever McMullen was composing his online tirade, he made it known that he agrees with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that we should restrict what teachers can say about sexual orientation or gender identity in schools. Why? Because it makes him uncomfortable? Welcome to my marshmallow world, Jim. 

McMullen should apologize or be censured by the Blue Valley Board of Education, not because of what he said — and not because I or others are interested in canceling him for his tweets — but because he appears to lack the fundamental wherewithal to understand how teaching works. And as someone partially responsible for decisions related to curriculum and personnel, he has demonstrated through his actions that he is wholly unfit for the task.

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The problem isn't LGBT schoolbooks in Blue Valley. It's ignorance on 'indoctrination'

OPINION AND COMMENTARY The first thing I learned as a teacher, which I tried to remind myself daily of in the classroom, was that I did not have all the answers. Neither does Blue Valley school board member Jim McMullen.