Kansas City Star Stands Up For Abortion Rights: Unborn Better Off Dead???

Sorry about the late update today . . . Mistakenly, I read the Kansas City Star this morning and lost the will to live. 

Sure, this blog often ponders the fundamental law of entropy which rules the universe . . . But that's not nearly as disheartening as watching a formerly great Kansas City institution turn itself into garbage for the sake of low-rent political talking points to share via social media. 

Thankfully, a few hours of cartoons fixed my mood and I'm ready to confront dead-tree absurdity because everyone else just stopped reading the paper. 

And so . . . In a screed that was likely written whilst wearing one of those dumb-ass pink hats, the Star shares a 90s throwback argument not only directing blame for all of life's misery at the GOP but also claiming that it's better to have never been . . . 

"Politicians are culpable for babies born through the force of the state into circumstances that increase their probability of experiencing abuse and neglect. Credible research has identified conditions associated with a greater probability that these children will be physically and/or sexually abused. They include domestic violence, isolation, economic distress, lack of support systems, past family abuse, substance abuse and unintended pregnancy."


Using this logic . . . Kansas City's largest daily newspaper seems to be arguing the death termination is a more fastidious solution to the world's problems than any form of compassion. God help us if they ever help the machines find Sarah Connor.

Don't worry, there's more garbage here . . . 

Check this silly quasi-religious argument that's reads like one of those low-rent troll comments that most people are smart enough to skip . . .

"To clarify, the belief that it is a scientific fact that a fetus is a human being is far from universal. Scientists have identified a developing embryo as a form of human life. Some debate whether a fertilized ovum the size of the period at the end of this sentence is a human being, while others recognize that the definition of a human being is embedded in different religious and moral belief systems that often presuppose a conscious subject with the ability to think, feel and suffer, which is the basis of our empathy for others. The physiological development for a thinking, feeling human being does not emerge in a fetus until at least 20 weeks (which is why current proposals for fetal pain laws begin at this time). Still others adhere to the Biblical doctrine that argues human beings exist only upon their first breath — when God breathed life into Adam, as stated in Genesis.

"The First Amendment guarantees the rights of Americans to different religious and moral beliefs through the separation of church and state. The fact that Republicans have succeeded in imposing through law the denominational doctrine of certain Christian denominations as absolute truth is now and has always been a flagrant violation of religious liberty."

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