Kansas City Star Offers Totally Reasonable Opinion That Isn't Rabidly Anti-Police

On this April 1st we notice that the newspaper is sharing solutions with readers instead of just spouting vitriolic anti-cop nonsense. 

Here's  a peek at their totally credible proposal . . .

"The toxic, us-versus-them culture that (KCPD Chief) Smith so tirelessly encouraged won’t magically disappear on April 23. But his departure does give Kansas City, and its unelected Board of Police Commissioners, with an extraordinary opportunity to change the trajectory of a troubled force."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KCPD's repeat offenders like Blayne Newton need to follow Chief Smith out the door

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith is at long last leaving the KCPD in 22 days. (Who's counting? We are, along with most Black and brown Kansas Citians and not a few officers.) The toxic, us-versus-them culture that Smith so tirelessly encouraged won't magically disappear on April 23.