Kansas City Star Demands Another Sketchy Investigation Into Greitens

Today a local newspaper Pulitzer prize nominee proves that she doesn't really understand Missouri political B.S. and election season posturing. 

Brief aside . . . We think this is a column that a departing scribe turned in on her way out of town to a newspaper with a brighter future.

Here's the worst part of the heartfelt screed . . .

A Missouri state senator, Jamilah Nasheed, “grew concerned enough about Gov. Eric Greitens’ potential for violence in April 2018 that she sent a letter asking the Department of Public Safety to investigate rumors of an incident involving ‘troubling behavior’ at Greitens’ private home.” 

DPS Director Charles “Drew” Juden wrote Nasheed back the next day, saying he had asked around — at the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Capitol Police and in Warren County, where the Greitens lived — and found that nobody else had heard anything worrying. So, end of story. 

Juden did not, Sheena Greitens said through her lawyer, ever reach out to her, so what kind of an investigation is that?

The only problem with this approach and the polemic demanding a law enforcement crackdown based on hearsay and politicized MSM opinion columns . . . That tactic already FAILED and caused Missouri Democrats more than a bit of embarrassment. 

It seems that The Kansas City Star forgot all about an STL prosecutor and a hot mess over a sketchy investigation not so long ago . . . Unfortunately, the damage continues to pile up . . . 

Kim Gardner to face disciplinary panel Monday over claims stemming from Greitens probe * Missouri Independent

They were executing a search warrant connected to the ongoing investigation of William Tisaby, an ex-FBI agent Gardner had hired to assist her in the 2018 investigation of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens. Tisaby would eventually plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of evidence tampering.

Reality check . . . 

No, we're not defending Greitens who is a train wreck that MAGA doesn't seem to want to own anymore . . . Instead, we're merely noting how easily our progressive pals get carried away their own hype. 

And so we offer a quick reality check against the clueless newspaper hoping that the super-minority party commits another tactical error rather than letting the disgraced former governor implode on his own.

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Request to investigate possible violence at Greitens' home went nowhere, naturally

OPINION AND COMMENTARY Disgraced former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens's polling in this year's U.S. Senate race has not slipped all that much since we learned that his ex-wife has alleged under oath that he physically abused her and their children. Why would it, really?