Kansas City Stag Pizza Stays Winning

We like EVERYTHING about this write-up and the pricey pies that it promotes.

Here's a taste . . .

"For many in Kansas City, Stag Pizza has been impossible to miss. The small white and teal pizza trailer with its distinctive red “STAG PIZZA” sign has been making the rounds throughout town for several years, popping up outside of breweries and at street festivals – and even the occasional private party or two – serving delicious sourdough pizzas made from scratch.

"If you ask Albarelli, he’ll tell you pizza is in his DNA. His great-grandfather came to the United States from Cervinara, Italy, a small town about an hour’s drive from Naples, the birthplace of pizza. His parents had recently reconnected with their roots during a trip to Cervinara, so when concepting names for his food truck, he was drawn to the town’s coat of arms, which prominently features a stag."

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Stag Pizza is serving Neapolitan-style sourdough pies throughout Kansas City from a white-and-teal trailer

For Abarelli, tweaking variables in the pizza-making process to achieve the "ideal fermentation" started him on the journey to where he is today. Nowadays, he can make up to 100 pizzas over the course of a weekend. "Humans have been curating wild fermented foods since as far back as we know," he says.