Kansas City South Side Drivers Suffer Repeated Rock Attacks

A troubling trend confronts local commuters and people on the road to Johnson County.

Check this driver warning and word of a troubling trend . . .

Jessica, who didn't want to be on camera, is talking about someone throwing a rock into her windshield while she was westbound on Red Bridge Road on Monday morning.

She shared photos of the damage it left to both her front and back windows.

Plus, the rock hit her just inches away from her face.

“I would, I would absolutely have missing teeth, broken nose maybe worse. Yeah, debilitating head injury," she said. "It could have been really awful.”

She filed a report with the Kansas City Police Department over the incident.

What's unsettling for Jessica, she isn't the only driver who has experienced a similar incident this week.

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Drivers say someone's throwing rocks at cars in south KC

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Several drivers on Red Bridge Road, Blue River Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard near Holmes Road, just south of I-435, believe someone has been throwing rocks at cars. "The random violence just, it blows my mind. I really didn't want to believe that someone would do that."