Kansas City Skyfall: Global Climate Change Worsens Tornado Season

Spring brings all manner of weather hysteria to our beloved cowtown. 

Real talk . . . Locals have many reasons to fear tornadoes that have killed more than their share of people across the region.

Also . . . 

Activists now claim that tornado season is even worse because of your filthy SUV . . .

"The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says since January 2019, 99 of the nation's 120 tornado-related deaths – 83% — have occurred in the Southeast. In the 2010s, NOAA says 54% of tornado deaths occurred in the Southeast, up from 25% in the 1980s."

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Rising tornado numbers linked to climate change, study says

New research is showing that climate change may be shifting more tornadoes into the southeastern states.The Magnolia State is in an area of increased tornado activity known as Dixie Alley. The area stretches from parts of Texas to Georgia.

This Year's Active Tornado Season Fuels New Storm-Related Research

The U.S. tornado season, which typically runs from March until June, is already off to an active start, particularly with some long and dangerous storms happening outside of " Tornado Alley."

The climate crisis is widening 'tornado alley'

A tornado outbreak was once again in the headlines on Wednesday after a series of twisters tore through parts of the American South. Nearly two dozen people were injured when tornadoes swept across central Texas as part of a storm system that was expected to spawn more twisters and damaging winds throughout the day.

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