Kansas City Saturday Smile: Politics, War And Local Bands Play On

Right now we're inspired by hottie Sara to take on a few more local stories along with pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Kansas City Apocalypse Meow Cont'd

'Think of music as a nutrient:' How a Kansas City nonprofit helps artists keep playing

Just under 15 years ago, a group of people banded together hoping to play some music and do some good. Kansas City musician Abigail Henderson, 31, had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. To support her, her friends did what musicians do; they rallied together to play a show.

Local Gas Pain Explained

Landowners fear a 'scar' on landscape from project to bring green energy across the Midwest

The transmission line known as the Grain Belt Express would deliver wind energy from southwest Kansas to other parts of the country - the equivalent of 15 million barrels of oil annually. Some landowners oppose a private company using eminent domain to complete its project.

Civic Patchwork Starts

KCMO, Prairie Village teaming up to fix pothole problem

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - Two Kansas City-area cities, on opposite sides of the state line, are teaming up to tackle a pothole problem. If you've driven along State Line Road, you know there's room for repairs, but who's in charge of the pothole problem?

Local Boozy Probs Persist

Bliss Books and Wine owner struggles to get liquor license after landing storefront

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's a feat in and of itself when a small business is able to survive struggles brought on by the pandemic. A local Kansas City, Missouri, bookstore did that, but now is battling to get a liquor license.

Job Hunting Can Be Fun

Worlds of Fun offering park admission this weekend to applicants

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With so many places hurting for employees, seasonal workers are probably going to be more in demand than ever this summer. Worlds of Fun knows it has one thing it can offer job applicants most employers cant, the opportunity to ride the rides they may end up working at.

Hottie Home Improvement

Sara Underwood Reveals Major Addition to 'Cabinland' Homestead

Sara Underwood, the former model and G4TV alum, recently showed off a new amenity in Cabinland. Cabinland is Underwood and boyfriend Jacob Witzling's Pacific Northwest homestead that houses numerous unique cabin structures. The pair documented the process of the land's development in a YouTube series titled Cabinland , but it stopped production when the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020.

Prez Suffers Pain At Pump

Rising gas prices bring Biden to a political crossroads over climate policy

Federal investments to address climate change, Joe Biden has long said, are about investing in the economy and creating jobs.

GOP Loathes Prez Trump Behind The Scenes

Republicans face a new reckoning over what GOP House leader McCarthy said about Trump

subscribe to The NPR Politics Podcast podcast The Republican Party is facing a new moment of reckoning tied to its top leaders and the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. It follows the release of two private audio conversations involving House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, including a new tape in which he claims Trump admitted some responsibility for the insurrection.

Euro Trash Talk Run Off

France's Marine Le Pen has American liberals worried

WASHINGTON - American liberals are anxiously watching Sunday's presidential election in France, where they fear a victory by the far-right Marine LePen would undermine the West's newly emboldened defense of democracy from both external Russian militarism and internal ethnonationalism.

Tragic Holocaust End Game

Jewish Survivor of Mariupol's Nazi Occupation Dies in Russian Takeover

A 91-year-old Jewish woman in Ukraine's besieged Mariupol survived Nazi occupation of the city in 1941 only to die in a basement during Russia's takeover. Vanda Obiedkova died on April 4 during Russia's bombardment of the city, Ukrainian authorities said. She reportedly asked her loved ones "Why is this happening?"

Pandemic Comeback Across The Pond

COVID cases increase across the U.K.

Throughout the pandemic, the U.K. has consistently been a sign of what is to come in the United States. When Britain dropped its COVID restrictions in late-February, COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths soared and may have only recently peaked. Kris Van Cleave has been looking into the numbers.

Tunes For Wartime Emerge

Ed Sheeran filmed music video in Ukraine, days before war

British pop star Ed Sheeran has revealed he filmed his latest music video in Kyiv, Ukraine's capital, just days before Russia invaded the country.

Hollywood Heartache Exposed

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard: Biggest Bombshells and Revelations from the Defamation Trial (So Far)

Depp, 58, is suing Heard, 36, for defamation over a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in which she opened up about surviving domestic violence. He originally filed the $50 million lawsuit back in 2019 but it was delayed due to the pandemic, until a jury was selected on April 11 in Fairfax, Virginia, and opening statements began the following day.

Pr0n Proves Skeptical Of Tech

Meet the 43-year-old porn star pushing men to abandon 'crypto cult'

OnlyFans star Cheri DeVille, 43, is calling for men to abandon the 'crypto-cult' - using a sensually-educational porno she released on Tax Day The actress, who is among the top 1% OnlyFans earners, told DailyMail.com that 'seeing my friends gamble their hard-earned money away p***ed me off' Her attempts to

Kansas City Baseball FAIL Cont'd

Royals begin a new losing streak, lose 4-1

At least it was fast. The Royals' first game against a west coast opponent this season went pretty much the same way their earlier games against central opponents have gone. The starter wasn't awful, the bullpen held the opponent scoreless, and the offense was MIA. Brad Keller got the start for the Royals tonight.

Artsy Weekend Plans Debut

It's finally here. Long-delayed Immersive Van Gogh exhibit opens in Kansas City

Creative consultant for Lighthouse Immersive, Richard Ouzounian, explains the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit and what an audience will experience while navigating through the series of installations.

Political Conversation This Week

Streetwise podcast swoons for Nate Bergman, looks to the future with Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove

This week on the Streetwise podcast we talk about hosting out-of-towners, chat with musician Nate Bergman, bop to Jason Buice's track "When I Die," and interview Rep. Ashley Bland Manlove. Streetwise is hosted by Brock Wilbur, Editor-in-Chief of The Pitch. Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify.

Forecast For Now

ALERT DAY: Storms possible Saturday

Saturday is an Impact Day in KC due to rain showers and severe storms in the afternoon and evening. Saturday weather overviewA sprinkles or showers scattered in the morning. Increasing clouds , VERY WINDY and mostly dry.

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