Kansas City Royals Remain Undefeated 2022

For the uninitiated . . . 

Kansas City Royals and hometown coverage runs in streaks . . . Very much like the underwear of their middle-aged fanbois.

It's all hot or cold . . . Bipolar mania. They're either the greatest team in the history of mankind . . . Or a legacy of worthless losers who only got lucky twice. 

Both extremes hold a bit of truth.

Thankfully, tonight they were lucky. Again.

Here's the takeaway . . .

"The Royals are still undefeated and now 2-0. They look to start their first winning streak tomorrow as they also seek to sweep their first series of the season."

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Royals walk off Guardians, 1-0

The Royals have played two games and had two pitchers' duels. The Royals didn't get a runner to second base until Edward Olivares, running for Carlos Santana, stole second with two out in the bottom of the seventh. The Guardians didn't get their first runner to second until Steven Kwan hit a double with one out in the top of the ninth.