Kansas City Royals Opening Day 2022: Home Team Will Likely Lose 90 Games

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In very much the same way that most adults understand we are mortal and that every one of our stories is doomed to end in tragedy . . . Nevertheless, all worthwhile endeavors demand that we start confidently, deny our fate and work diligently to earn fleeting accomplishments. Opening day offers us an opportunity to take a brief respite from our anguish and watch somebody else waste their efforts while drinking beer, yelling and gawking at chubby local hotties.

In that spirit we share some of today's relevant Kansas City opening day links . . .

Royals Opening Day: What to know if you're headed to Kauffman Stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Baseball is back, and the Kansas City Royals are taking on the Cleveland Guardians for Opening Day on Thursday. Not since they won back-to-back American League pennants in 2014 and 2015 - and went on to win their first World Series in three decades - have the Royals started a season with the same amount of optimism that they carry into Thursday's opener.

Opening Day 2022: What KC Royals fans need to know

Spring training is over. The KC Royals played their last Cactus League game of the year Tuesday and are headed to Kansas City to open the regular season. It all begins Thursday when the Royals kick off the 2022 campaign against Cleveland at Kauffman Stadium.

New merch available for Royals fans on Opening Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Fans will fill Kauffman Stadium on Thursday as the Kansas City Royals host the Cleveland Guardians. For those looking to upgrade their Royals gear, some new options will be available at the shops inside the ball park.

Royals Review Radio: The Opening Day episode

Baseball is here! Max Rieper, Matthew LaMar, and Jeremy Greco talk about the expectations for Bobby Witt Jr., the lineup, and how the rotation shapes up. Plus we put it on record how we think the Royals will do and who will win the World Series.

Take me out to the ballgame! Kansas City Royals announce Opening Day lineup

Batter up!The Kansas City Royals have announced the starting lineup for Thursday's Opening Day game at Kauffman Stadium. Excited for the game? Here's who you can expect to see:RF: Whit Merrifield3B: Bobby Witt Jr. LF: Andrew BenintendiC: Salvador Perez1B: Carlos Santana DH: Hunter Dozier SS: Adalberto MondesiCF: Michael A.

Kansas City Royals Superfan ready to hit 1,500 home games benchmark

RAYTOWN, Mo. - For the past couple of years, Chris Coats from Raytown has proudly claimed the title of being a Kansas City Royals Superfan. This season he hopes to mark his 1,500th home game, a streak he started as a junior in high school.

Meet the only baseball player from Kansas City to pitch an MLB home opener here for the local team

As a high school kid in Kansas City, Chuck Dobson threw heat - with the occasional control problems - pitching for the De La Salle High School boys baseball team in the early 1960s. Yet even as a standout ballplayer, the big league Kansas City Athletics seemed so big.

Heading to Kauffman Stadium to see the Royals? Here's how to park for the game

When you're planning your trip out to Kauffman, either today or sometime this season, tickets aren't the only thing to buy ahead of time.Parking options are changing a bit this year. The lots at Truman Sports Complex usually open about 5 hours before game time.Parking must be purchased in advance.

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