Kansas City Real Estate Agent Assurance: KEEP BUYING!!!

Here's our favorite metaphor that nobody ever lets us finish . . . 

Do you know what a goldmine is???

A hole in the ground with a liar standing next to it.


Actually, Mark Twain wrote that better than this scappy blogger ever could. 

But that's not as important as this bit of local real estate hype . . .

"For me, a bubble is defined as a price that can't be justified," said a LOCAL real estate agent. "But we're seeing those prices justify. These houses that are selling are appraising."

She said rising mortgage rates may level the current seller's market.

This week, interest rates on a 30-year-fixed mortgage hovered near 5%. During the pandemic, those rates remained in the 2-3% range.

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KC real estate experts react to analysts' 'housing bubble' warning

Real estate experts in the Kansas City area are reacting to last week's warning from the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas about a potential housing bubble.Federal Reserve analysts warned U.S.

What's next for the US housing bubble? Industry experts break down the bull and bear cases for home prices in the months ahead.

Concerns about a housing-market crash are growing as the Fed begins hiking interest rates. Over the past few weeks, we've collected experts' views on the direction of the market. Below, we've compiled four pieces highlighting both bearish and bullish views on the market.

Economists Warn the Housing Market Is Set for a Housing Bubble

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas warns that the housing market is showing "signs of a brewing US housing bubble." According to its report, the demand for homes will drastically outweigh the ones available for sale, ultimately driving the price up even more dramatically.

Developing . . .