The debate over parking near downtown persists as local merchants fear the higher prices will drive away more customers.

Moreover . . . 

Right now we highlight this passage which promises STRICTER ENFORCEMENT of arbitrary parking rules & fees that cancel a city market visit for many potential returning customers . . .

The city said street parking in most spots will still be free.

It also said the change is part several upgrades coming to the parking program.

1. Shifting parking policies to be user-dependent starting with new pricing and management strategies in the River Market and along the KC Streetcar line.

2. Upgrading meter technology to be more user-friendly, including credit cards and more apps.  

3. Relocating, removing and/or adding parking meters based on data to meet the unique demands of areas.  

4. Establishing an administration system for parking tickets and non-moving violations.

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Parking fee hikes near City Market have vendors worried about losing customers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Upcoming changes to parking in the River Market have sparked frustration. Starting in mid-May, people will have to pay up to $10 for more than 2 hours of parking in the lots on weekends. Parking will be $5 for less than two hours.