Kansas City Peace Patrol Takes To The Streets

Of course it's a publicity stunt . . .

However, we respect their approach to the topic that hopes to garner street level support rather than speaking to an endless litany of political talking points.

Check a bit more about their message . . .

Members of the KC Peace Patrol stood at 39th and Prospect, a street corner that has seen historic violence, on Saturday to spread their message of peace between red lights.

“We’re handing out paper, literature, Bibles,” Birmingham said. “We’re crying out with the bullhorn, 'Stop the killings, stop the killings diminishing human race.'”

The group hopes to spark a greater conversation about violence and the young lives it has claimed in Kansas City.

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KC Peace Patrol rallies for end of violence, homicides

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bishop John Birmingham of Harvest Connection International Ministries can recite the cross streets of multiple recent homicides. He often knows where and who's involved. "It breaks my heart to see all the killings," Birmingham said. "I want to do more than just be afraid.