Kansas City Parade Of Hearts Crafts Last Minute Solidarity With Ukraine

This artsy interlude might be a tribute to progressive cable news coverage that mostly serves to prop up the fading Prez Biden Administration. 

However, the local bit of creative expression deserves a peek and maybe a bit of analysis from our blog community given the obvious political slant in a war on the other side of the world.

Here's some background on the project . . .

“We finished the Parade of Hearts, and then the war broke out in Ukraine,” says artist Jeremy Collins, who designed and painted the new heart. “As artists, as musicians, as writers, we all try to figure out, ‘well, if I can’t go out and help in person, what can I do?’ So, I did a small drawing of this heart fist, which is a response to all the atrocities and tragedies for humanity in the world. Now we have this large physical heart that we can pass on to our Ukrainian neighbors.”

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Parade of Hearts adds 155th Heart in Support of Ukraine - In Kansas City

When the Parade of Hearts debuted 154 local artist-designed hearts earlier this year, the public art installation sought to unite the Kansas City metro as America's heartland with an experience rooted in hope and unity. Soon after the debut, Ukraine was invaded by Russia. Many Kansas Citians support Ukraine and its mission.