Kansas City Open Letter Blames Mayor Q For 'Houseless' Gang Influx

Recent testimony sent to local media throughout the metro offers a grim picture of life in the urban core amid an influx of homeless people on Kansas City streets. 

There's a lot to this story that we might see later in MSM and maybe on this blog. But for right now let's take a look at the most shocking passage from this open letter . . . 

"When the Mayor decided to politicize homelessness (and spend millions of dollars destroying area hotels) it attracted large numbers of drug-addled psychopaths and otherwise criminally or mentally insane people to come live in our city. And many set up shop in tents downtown. Do we not all have fond memories of the machete-wielding man running around slashing people? These are the news stories that thrill and entrain audiences!

"The City then closed the downtown camps, hopefully being kind enough to give at least 2 days notice to the violent gangs. A tsunami of "houseless" drug addicts, rapists, murderers and, I assume, some very nice people then slammed into Northeast. Now the City is saying that "private land owners are bad people" because we are overrun by homeless gangs . . ."

Developing . . .