Kansas City Offers More Vegan Alternatives Amid Rising Prices For Meat

In order to save the planet and the wallet of many consumers . . . Once again we share a homegrown bit of culinary diversity. 

Here's an argument that threatens to irritate the hardened bowels & arteries of so many local carnivores: 

Several Kansas City business owners are taking the more expensive route, swapping their sausage for tofu, and arguing that plant-based menu options provide a more inclusive environment for their customers.

But every Kansas City plant-based restaurant FOX4 spoke with admitted the road to dietary inclusivity is packed with stigma and criticism, something many business owners are working to combat today.

“Sadly, I think the word ‘vegan’ just has such a bad stigma to it because I don’t know, maybe like, the stereotype, like we’re snotty and we think we’re way better, and that’s just so what we want to break,” Mandy Morris, co-founder of Tree Hugger Plant-Based Kitchen, said. “We just want to show people that it’s OK, like give it a try.”

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More restaurants expanding plant-based menu options in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The road to veganism, vegetarianism and even a gluten-free diet isn't always easy. Plant-based eaters struggle to find cruelty-free products that not only benefit the earth, but their own taste buds, with some pointing to unreasonable costs for quality plant-based foods as a major roadblock in their herbivorous explorations.