Kansas City Mutual Musicans Foundation Celebrates 105th Anniversary This Week

This institution has seen better days but we're glad they're still around . . . If only because their all night boozing is a unique local attraction.

Here's hoping they're able to navigate a new website and yet another unpredictable Summer . . .

Kansas City's Historic Jazz landmark to host open house, jam sessions, and relaunch of radio station on International Jazz Day - April 30th, 2022.

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Mutual Musicians Foundation in Kansas City Celebrates 105 Years

The Mutual Musicians Foundation in Kansas City will celebrate its 105th anniversary on April 30, International Jazz Day, with an open house as well as jam sessions and the relaunch of KOJH, the foundation's community radio station. Kansas City's Local 627, which was the African-American Musicians Union, was founded in 1917 and became known as the Mutual Musicians Foundation.