Kansas City Karen Claimz Old School Dude With Pellet Gun Stalks Birds & Pets In Waldo

To be fair, this dude might need a bit of help that he won't get by way of social media shaming.

Here's the story which reminds us, for better and worse, that angry white ladies are always watching and waiting to call the cops . . .

(Karen) began noticing a man come out with a pellet gun and appear to shoot at birds. But in recent weeks, she has seen the man shoot at cats and dogs in the neighborhood, concerning her so much that she called the Kansas City Police Department.

Jake Becchina, a spokesperson for Kansas City Police, said an officer and a sergeant went to the neighborhood Monday and were not able to contact the man, who is described as “very elderly.” Becchina said police will work to contact the man and if any resources need to be allocated.

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Kansas City police investigate man accused of firing pellet gun at animals in Waldo

Kansas City police are investigating allegations that a man in the Waldo neighborhood has been shooting at animals, including pets. Tracy Quaethem lives in the neighborhood on East 78th Street and when the COVID-19 pandemic began and Quaethem started working from home, she began noticing a man come out with a pellet gun and appear to shoot at birds.

KC neighborhood concerned with man shooting BB gun at animals

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man in Kansas City's Waldo neighborhood is scaring his neighbors, who say he's shooting his pellet gun at cats, dogs and general wildlife like squirrels and birds. After calling police and elected officials, to no avail, people in the neighborhood are fed up and want it to stop.

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